Who are the Sugar Ninjas?


The Sugar Ninjas, created by Sequential Art Professor Bob Pendarvis, is an all-girls sequential art anthology series devoted to showcasing the talents of female artists and writers. Primarily focusing on creators who write and illustrate their own stories, Sugar Ninjas is published in a unique landscape format, and features comics, text-only stories, illustrations, storyboards, children’s picture book stories, and more.

Most of the Sugar Ninjas are relative newcomers, but a number of them are professionals who have worked for companies such as MARVEL COMICS, DC COMICS, TOKYOPOP, JIM HENSON PRODUCTIONS, and on the ARCHER FX television series. Some have taken classes devoted to visual storytelling and animation, while others are entirely self-taught.

Each volume of Sugar Ninjas is divided into two separate, but equal, books, Sweet and Spicy. This is done in order to allow for both a family-friendly collection, for creators and readers who prefer such material, as well as a “mature readers” book, for those who want entertainment that doesn’t shy from controversial subject matter, partial nudity, violence, and naughty language.

Sugar Ninjas books contain contact information for every contributor, allowing them to serve as a potential resource for people/publishers looking for artists and writers to hook up with. The books are currently printed online through Lulu.com. Contributors are encouraged to personalize (sketches, autographs) any personally ordered copies, making each contributor sold copy a special edition.

Sugar Ninjas anthologies can be ordered through the Sugar Ninjas Sweet Shoppe.