Annah Peterson

Featured In:
Spicy vol.1

Annah Peterson defeated the Uber Dark Lord of the Twilight at age fourteen,
trekked through sixty miles of snow to retrieve the Orb of Despair to restore peace to the Kingdom, married Prince Godawful, son of King Godawful, and had a glorious ever after with peaches and cake, or something.

Actually, Annah never did any of those things (let alone marry Prince Godawful). They’re all lies. In reality, Annah is a comic artist and storyteller who likes to work in the high contrast inking style and loves fantasy stories, particularly those about witches and dragons.

According to dubious sources, her other interests might include Gothic Lolita, video games,
card games, RPGs, and grumbling over bad fiction novels.  It’s rumored she currently attends SCAD to sharpen her artistic skills and bring awesomeness into the lives of everyone around her.