May 282011

It will be another month before we get the up and running, so until then I’ll be using some posts here on my blog to get messages out for different . Today’s special message comes from Sugar Ninja Heather Lewis:

 “Hello all you Sugar Ninjas! There is a Sugar Ninjas at (June 10-12th) being run by Avantika, Melissa, and Heather. We welcome everyone to visit the table! If you want to sell artwork/books/etc, please email Heather at MadelineLimeatgmaildotcom (of course, replace “at” with “@” and “dotcom” with “.com”) with the subject: “Sugar Ninjas Table!” We’re asking that anyone submitting more than one or two items to please assist in the table fee. You do not have to attend the to be a part of the table, we are willing to place and sell your items for you, but we ask you also submit some business cards with your package of items. Even if you don’t have anything to sell, but are attending the , you are welcome to come hang out at the table and help explain what and who we are to the con attendees.”

Any other Sugar Ninjas planning to hit the convention circuit this summer? If you’re looking for tablemates and people to split expenses with, send us a message that we can post here on the site, our facebook page, and elsewhere. And remember, the Sugar Ninjas Forum will be here in about a month, so plan on using that page to really get your messages out.




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