Nov 182011

It took us much longer than we’d originally hoped, but Gally and I have finally finished uploading the files for the third volume of SUGAR NINJAS, including both the SWEET and SPICY books. This volume features art and stories by many returning ninjas, as well as a large number of brand new ones. Each book can be ordered for less than ten dollars and they would make great Christmas presents for some lucky girls, especially young girls interested in becoming artists themselves. Visit the Sweet Shoppe to preview and buy SWEET and SPICY volume three!

Many, many thanks to any of you girls out there who can find a way, via friends or professional connections, to help get the word out about the new books. In addition to comics websites, you might try contacting women’s artgroups and local bookstores, blogposts, twitter, etc.

Also, I’ve been conducting with various ninjas and will soon begin posting them on a weekly basis–and possibly even twice a week, depending on how many girls let me know they are willing to be interviewed. If you’re interested, just drop me a line at I conduct the interviews via a chat on,  editing them into shape and sending them to interviewees before posting them here on the site (BOUM, your interview should be in your mailbox as you read this).

Thanks again for all your patience. Trust me, the delays just couldn’t have been helped and we worked very, very hard to make sure volume three was the best produced book we’ve done yet.



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