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Jun 272011

Gally, Chief Sugar Ninjas Assistant Editor/Designer, is ready to build the

forum and we think it would be a great idea to solicit input from you girls

first. You can write to Gally ( or Ana (

and tell us what you think, okay?

And don’t forget, the deadline for volume 3 is JULY 22ND!!!

May 282011

It will be another month before we get the forum up and running, so until then I’ll be using some posts here on my blog to get messages out for different Sugar Ninjas. Today’s special message comes from Sugar Ninja Heather Lewis:

 “Hello all you Sugar Ninjas! There is a Sugar Ninjas table at AnimeNEXT (June 10-12th) being run by Avantika, Melissa, and Heather. We welcome everyone to visit the table! If you want to sell artwork/books/etc, please email Heather at MadelineLimeatgmaildotcom (of course, replace “at” with “@” and “dotcom” with “.com”) with the subject: “Sugar Ninjas Table!” We’re asking that anyone submitting more than one or two items to please assist in the table fee. You do not have to attend the convention to be a part of the table, we are willing to place and sell your items for you, but we ask you also submit some business cards with your package of items. Even if you don’t have anything to sell, but are attending the convention, you are welcome to come hang out at the table and help explain what and who we are to the con attendees.”

Any other Sugar Ninjas planning to hit the convention circuit this Read More

May 242011

Two years ago, with the able assistance of Sugar Ninja Zelda Ravenel, I refused to let rough times deter me from my plans to produce a showcase for female sequential artists. Originally designed to feature only current and former students from many years of teaching sequential art, I decided instead to throw open the doors and allow any female artist/storytellers to submit material. Volume 1, both the Sweet & Spicy Books, premiered two years ago. Those first books featured over 100 creators spread out over 700 massive pages! As it was our first attempt,  Zelda and I faced many difficulties related to behind-the-scenes production issues, as well as my inability to say no to anyone, ha ha. Sugar Ninjas Vol. 1 was also simultaneously edited while Zelda was bringing to life the first version of the website. Considering some of the stuff I was going through two summers ago, it’s hard to believe that we got either project in shape in time for our premiere at the 2009 DRAGON CON in Atlanta, GA.

The truth is, both the website and the first volume of the Sugar Ninjas anthology series, were labors of love where the laboring started vastly outweighing the loving. Adding in the Read More


Submissions Form!

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Apr 282011

Another new addition to our submissions process is the Submissions Form we are now requesting you fill out when you submit your work. You can grab the form here, or find it on our Submissions and Page Template sections of the site. The form has all the information we need from you, so be sure to fill it out completely!

We will not accept submissions this year without the form, but if you have already emailed us your work, we will get in contact with you. Just fill it out (you can even type right onto the form!) and send it, your pieces, and a photo/self-portrait to us!