Featured In:
Sweet vol. 2, Spicy vol.2

Samantha Leriche-Gionet (also known as Boum) has been piling up animation paper for eight years, armed with a college diploma in Traditional Animation and a BFA in Film Animation that’s hot out of the oven as of 2010. She directed several animated shorts (SNOWFLAKES AND CARROTS, THE PARCEL, LUCIEN SUPERSTAR, FOOL ED) that have been screened in over thirty festivals around the world, winning prizes and mentions. Her illustrated work has been featured in art books such as CFSL, COLORS CHARITY ARTBOOK and ERRI, and in comic anthologies like MERURE.

Recently, she’s been enjoying vintage eighties apparel (probably more than she should), hanging around in photo booths increasingly, sporting weird hairdos, Boy George-ish hats and bright aqua shoes just to spite her mother, and stuffing her face with chocolate gelato as a reward for a job well done.