Brooke Stephenson

Featured In:
Spicy vol.2


Brooke Stephenson, or Ogawa Burukku if you know her from, studied art briefly at Savannah College of Art and Design before dropping out and moving to Tokyo halfway through. She got her degree in Sequential Art at the Nippon Designer Gakuin in Tokyo in 2008 and has since worked on and off as an assistant for such manga as Gaku by Shinichi Ishizuka. Though she hopes to debut as a professional on her own manga, for now she wants to gain more on-the-job training before she shops FaLLEN around to any publishers.

FaLLEN is a light novel, a popular form of novella in Japan that includes illustrations and character art of characters in the story. Brooke has given her story a similar treatment and it will eventually be available for sale in both softback and eBook form (ordered online or through your favorite bookstore.