C. Lijewski

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 1, Spicy vol. 1, Spicy vol.2

Website: samuraihostclub.smackjeeves.com


C. Lijewski was a member of the very first Manga class taught by Bob Pendarvis and he predicted right from the start that her passionate dedication to manga-based storytelling would mark her as one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed mangaka in the country. Today, her many fans around the world are proof that he was absolutely right.

Her published work includes:

NEXT EXIT (Slave Labor Graphics), a ten issue monthly comic book series, the first six of which were collected into a graphic novel format.

RE:PLAY (Tokyopop), a three volume graphic novel series. The third book should be available this Winter.

MANGAKA AMERICA (Harper Collins), an artbook anthology that features her artwork, an interview, and even a tutorial on her techniques.