Christa Rosenkranz

Featured In:
Spicy vol.1



Everything around us has an energy to it. Many things are in motion, whether we notice it or not. Plants sway in the breeze, people breathe and sway even when standing still, and an object on a ledge has the potential to fall. When we move- when we run and dance- motion and energy run through our bodies in rhythms and waves. This affects everything around us, even if only just a little bit. If someone walks by you in a room you can feel the floor move beneath you or the air whisper by. Motion and energy intrigue me, and I try to capture that in my work. Despite the fact that I am only drawing lines on paper, both fairly static objects, I want to convey a sense of captured or pent up energy- as though at any second, the objects and people I have drawn may come to life.