Dawn Griffin

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 1, Spicy vol.1, Sweet vol. 2

Website: www.zfcomics.com

Ms. Griffin shall commence to write about herself in 3rd person. Dawn is an aspiring cartoonist and has been since she was 14. Her ultimate goal is to become a syndicated professional cartoonist and do it for a living. However, with the dwindling popularity and lifespan of newspaper comics, she has immersed herself in the world of webcomics and online communities like drunkduck.com. Retiring her long-running first comic, LEFTOVERS, in 2006, she developed her new comic, ZORPHBERT AND FRED, featuring two aliens who come to Earth disguised as dogs (resulting in some wacky hilarity, as well as some social commentary from true a true “outsider’s” viewpoint…we humans are WEIRD).

ZORPHBERT AND FRED has been a part of various collections, such as the Drunk Duck anthology, and is also part of the Webcomic Planet Collective. The official ZORPHBERT AND FRED website, zfcomics.com, launched in 2008. Dawn is also the illustrator of the new children’s picture book series, ABBY’S ADVENTURES.

Dawn holds a BFA degree Graphic Design and Illustration from the Tyler School of Art. She currently earns her living as an designer for a snack foods company. Originally hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, she’s an avid Cleveland sports fan–AKA: a glutton for punishment. She and her fiance adopted a shepherd/lab mix who provides inspiration in exchange for treats.

Dawn will always hold CALVIN AND HOBBES as her highest inspiration.

Dawn dislikes writing in 3rd person, so she’ll stop now.