Erica Leigh Currey

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 1


Erica Leigh Currey was born Erica Leigh Reis and grew up in Texas as a severe tomboy. Whenever fast food restaurants did “boys’s toys” and “girl’s toys” together, Erica insisted on getting the boy’s toys. They were clearly better.

Wielding black crayons since before long-term memory kicked into gear, Erica still can’t color inside the lines. Now she makes her own lines instead and uses Photoshop to work some sweet magic (without Photoshop, her colors can only be referred to as “skittle vomit”).

In 2006, Erica graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sequential Art. Before her Senior year, she was contacted by Tokyopop to write and draw a short manga series for the young at heart titled SEA PRINCESS AZURI.

Erica has experience with writing, penciling, inking, toning, and digital painting. Her drawings range from perspective landscapes to cute chibis to transforming robots. Still, she always yearns to try drawing new things. Her skills include a knowledge of anatomy, visual storytelling, character design, environment design, and fashion design. Her style can be realistic, or varying manga types. If she hasn’t drawn it yet, she can learn to draw it very quickly.

Erica’s most recent projects include penciling and inking FINDING NEMO from BOOM! Studios!

Currently Erica has renounced her former hatred for pink and dresses, and is wholeheartedly making up for lost time. But she still has a love for geekdom and makes her living penciling and inking comic and manga pages, whilst her husband works in the video game industry. She was married to Mr. Currey in the summer of 2008, wearing a medieval wedding gown that she sewed herself. And yes, Mr. Currey wore a sword.