Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use characters owned by other people/companies?
Short answer: No! All material must be copyrighted by each creator, unless given specific permission otherwise. Please, no Pokemon or Harry Potter fan fiction! However, folk stories and fairy tales are fair game. These are traditional stories not owned by any company/person, so if you have a completely original take on Sleeping Beauty, we have no problem accepting that.

Are we allowed to work with another creator as part of a team project?
Absolutely. Many Sugar Ninjas are much more comfortable illustrating other writers’ scripts, so feel free to collaborate with others. If you’re working on someone else’s work, or other people participated in your submission, please be sure to credit them!

Do we have to do comic book stories?
Well, while each volume of Sugar Ninjas features as much comics material as possible, they also feature children’s picture book stories, fantasy illustrations, animation storyboards, comic strips, character designs, text-only stories, and more. Some girls have only submitted illustrations are we are a-okay with that!

Is it okay to send in color art?
Yes, but keep in mind that Sugar Ninjas is printed in black and white, so we will convert all color material to gray tones. That said, we prefer you submit your work in color, and let us convert it.

I’d like to be a Sugar Ninja, but I’m worried about you guys stealing the copyright to my characters and story. Should I be?
Not at all. We state right on the first page of every book that ALL material is copyrighted SOLELY by the creators, unless otherwise indicated. Just because you are giving us permission to promote your work by featuring it in our books doesn’t mean that you’ve relinquished your copyright. Of course, the best way to make sure you retain your rights is to go a step further and actually register your story and/or artwork with the Library of Congress (it doesn’t cost all that much and you can do it all online). But whether you register your work or not, WE won’t own even the tiniest percentage of your material.

Remember, by submitting your work to the Sugar Ninjas, you are agreeing to allow us to use it for promotion and display at our will. If at any point you have a problem or disagree with this, you can always contact us and we will be open to your requests.

I was thinking of submitting my story to another anthology, too. Is that okay?
It sure is. Since, as stated above, we don’t own any of the copyrights to your work, you are more than welcome to do whatever you like with it. We don’t play favorites here and we don’t insist on exclusivity. Sugar Ninjas wants to promote female artists, so we see no reason to keep you from pursuing as many opportunities as possible to get your work out to the public.

Since the Spicy book features some material that isn’t family-friendly, complete with naughty language and violence, does that mean we can do ANYTHING?
Well, not ANYTHING. Think of the Sweet book as having a G or PG rating, with the Spicy book as PG-13 - R, okay? You can do a lot, but there are limits. We do not allow pornographic material in our books, and while we understand that definition varies, if we have a problem with your work we will contact you.

Why can’t I order copies of the books from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles?
At the moment, we are distributing our books solely through This may change in the future, so be sure to keep an eye on us by “liking” us on Facebook and reading the blog.

I never took any classes with Bob, so does that mean I can’t be a Sugar Ninja?
Not at all. A whole bunch of the Sugar Ninjas are former students, but many others are girls Bob/Ana has never even met, much less taught. We welcome every girl!

Why does Bob call himself “Ana?”
Ana May is a cartoon character Bob created years ago and he uses her name as a show of support for the Sugar Ninja ladies. Bob has no fear of expressing his feminine side, despite his troglodyte physical appearance to the contrary, lol.

I heard that all the stories and art in Sugar Ninjas have to be about girls only. Is this true?
Nah. The Sweet book tends to have a lot more pretty girls in pretty dresses, but neither the Sweet or Spicy book has to have stories and artwork featuring girls only. We only accept female artists, but the stories and art they submit have no gender limit!

I was thinking of sending in some of my online comic strips. Is this okay?
Sure! Especially if each strip works in a funny, stand-alone setting. If you have a complicated adventure storyline, try to put together a sequence that “feels” like a self-contained installment that will fit our page limits.
You can include a brief synopsis of the overall strip if you wish, as well.

Does it matter what style I use? I hate manga!
Well, that’s too bad, because there’s an awful lot of great manga out there, and a number of the Sugar Ninjas are OEL mangaka, but you‘re free to draw using any style you like. ALL art styles are welcome. Whether you’re inspired by the old masters, concept art, the Sunday comics page, modern manga, or good ol’ superheroes, we want to see your art!

I love pretty dresses, horses, kittens, shoes, and fairies. On the other hand, I also like a good beat-em-up story with lots of action and blood. Can I submit work to both the Sweet AND Spicy books?
You sure can! How’s that for a short answer? Visit our submission page and be sure to fill out one submission form for EACH book you wish to submit to. (whew, that’s a lotta submittin’!)