Georgina Harmon

Featured In:
Spicy vol.1

Georgina Harmon was the little girl who sat at the back of the classroom pouring over the storybooks; you would never have guessed that she couldn’t read a word of them. As a hyperactive dyslexic who learned to read and write several years later than her peers she has always had a knack for telling stories with pictures. Her first successful comic was created in 7th grade and masqueraded itself as science homework. Since then she has mentored several young artists and writers, braved male dominated after school comics classes and even won a few awards. Now at the Savannah College of Art and Design she is honing her artistic style (currently somewhere between anime and Disney) and storytelling skills. When not confined to black and white she loves to work in GLORIOUS COLOUR usually with her trusty copic markers. You can always find her at SCAD, just look for the brightest hair and bubbliest attitude!