Hannah Davis

Featured In:
Spicy vol.1

Website: www.SummerDragoness.com


Hannah JS Davis lives in two places at one time, reality and the imaginary world she has worked so hard to express through visual means: comics and illustration. Although Hannah majored in Sequential Art, she feels she would have been more suited as a gardener or zoo keeper if it weren’t for that ever-present tickle to draw, draw, draw. Her husband and furry, fishy, scaley, and bugg children feel this neglect often as she plows through her ideas with a deadly determination. “I must write this book! I must draw these not-dragons, lest I suffocate from the lack of my imagination!” Her fantasy world, Tala’Nynn, is full of new creatures, new people, and new places. Don’t be fooled, though. In these eternal gardens, even beauty often hides the darkest secrets.”