Jennifer Braunstein

Featured In:
Spicy vol.2


Born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in the valley of Eastern Tennessee, Jennifer Braunstein is an artist and writer. Musician at heart, she grew up playing the viola and singing for six years, but slowly replaced it with a pencil and paper. While originally a traditional artist with pure intentions for realism, she decided to dip her feet in illustrating her story writing. She is, however, still a purist of traditional mediums and works particularly in oil paints, colored pencils, and graphite. During her high school career, she won five awards for a piece titled “Radishes,” including Best in Show and Best in Category.

Currently working on a Sequential Art BFA and minor in Conceptual Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design, she aspires to move to a not-so-muggy climate, absorb culture, and begin a career in writing and concept art.

Her biggest inspirations are Hellen Jo, Taiyo Matsumoto, and the men and women of Honkfu.