Jessi Reid

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 2


Billions of years ago, the atoms that would one day comprise Jessi Reid exploded out of a faraway star and began their journey towards achieving the paramount awesomeness we know them as today. Mergin with a passing comet, the so-called “Awesome Particles” traversed the universe for eons before crashing to Earth, where they were eventually stumbled upon by a Girl Scout troop, who unknowingly tracked them into the Mojave Desert. The U.S. government scientists detected the anomaly and dispatched a crack team of commandos to investigate. After a three week battle utilizing sonic weaponry, the Awesome Particles were collected and moved to an undisclosed high-security research facility.

Military scientists combined the highly unstable atoms in an attempt to create the ultimate super-weapon, and unfortunately…they succeeded. Too strong to be held by any facility and too smart to be tricked by any agent, Jessi Awesome assumed the identity of a mild-mannered nerdy girl with a penchant for comic book consumption. She now leads a life forever on the run, her whereabouts unknown. They say if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of her outside the corner cafe, clutching a Batman comic and sipping iced coffee.