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The Sugar Ninjas All-Girls Sequential Art Anthology is published once a year. Each volume consists of two separate (and equal) halves. The Sweet Book (all ages) is family-friendly, with an emphasis on equal doses of cute and adorable. While creators who prefer writing and drawing material aimed at more "mature" readers will want to submit to the Spicy Book (18+). Does your submission include naughty language, partial nudity, excessive violence, and/or controversial subject matter? Then you should definitely plan on sending it to Spicy.

What we accept:

  • Sequential Art of all sorts (manga, mainstream, indie, strips, storyboards, webcomics, children’s picture books, etc)
  • Illustrations (concept art, standalone illustrations, mixed media, model sheets, etc.)
  • Text stories (short stories or excerpts. Can also include illustrations)
  • Mixed media comics/stories. We prefer to keep an emphasis on drawing, but if you’ve knitted a comic or have a story to tell with dolls, we are happy to see your submission. We encourage experimentation with visual storytelling!


What we don’t accept:

  • Fan art
  • Photography
  • Pornography (though some nudity is allowed in the Spicy book, please contact us before submitting if you’re unsure if your work borders on the pornographic)
  • Male-produced work (though female + male teams are acceptable)


How to submit:

  1. Use one of our handy dandy templates to set your files up correctly.
  2. Save your files at at least 450dpi, 600dpi if you’re using screentones. We accept the following formats: jpg, tiff, pdf, ai, psd, doc, docx, idml, idnt, eps
  3. If possible, please compile all your files in a .zip or .rar archive
  4. Go here and fill out the submission form
  5. We will contact you as soon as possible with directions for where to submit your work itself. PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL SUBMISSION FILES DIRECTLY TO US.



  • Because of the nature of the Spicy book, we only allow submissions from girls at least 18 years old. Contributors to the Sweet book must be at least 16 years old.
  • While we print in graytones, we request that if you have colored work, submit it that way, leaving it up to us to adjust for printing in black and white.
  • Volume 4 will be printed at 8.5x11. Because our margins are very specific,
    We have provided page templates for you in several file formats.
  • Be sure to fill out the Submissions Form. Without it, you can’t submit your artwork.
  • Many people have asked about featuring a sequence from their web comics. We very much encourage using the Sugar Ninjas to promote your webcomic. As long as the submitted sequence “feels” like a complete sequence, that’s fine. Obviously, many of your web comics are ongoing series, but think of it as giving readers a taste or preview of your characters and situation.
  • The SOONER you send in your work, the better. We've already received a few submissions, complete with profile info AND photos. Their place in Valhalla is now assured.
  • If using photos for comic purposes, keep in mind the actual print size and make sure your photos are designed accordingly. Tiny little panels will be hard to read.
  • Some girls like to submit material for both the Sweet and Spicy books, which is fine by us. But be sure to submit one Submissions Form per book. So if you are submitting to Sweet and Spicy, you will fill out two forms.
  • We accept the following file formats: pdf, jpg, ai, indd, psd, doc, docx, idml, idnt, eps

We also have access to the following programs, should you need help with file production: Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, OpenCanvas (1+3), PaintToolSAI and GIMP

  • Keep in mind, and this is very important, ALL submitted material must be your own creation, no fan art will be accepted. You can produce work alone or as part of a team, but you can’t use someone else’s characters and ideas.
  • Copyrights to all the stories and artwork are owned by the respective creators. By submitting to the Sugar Ninjas, you are giving us permission to print your work as a part of our anthology and for use with the website and promotional matters, but rest assured that you still own your work and can do whatever you like with it.
  • We reserve the right to deny submissions. Not everything will or can be accepted.

Still have questions? For general info, write to Sugar Ninjas Hostess/Publisher, Ana (Bob Pendarvis). For technical and formatting questions, Gally will be happy to help you out!

Thanks in advance for helping make this year’s Sugar Ninjas books the best ones yet. And feel free to encourage other girls who you think would make excellent candidates to join our ranks.