Lilly Higgs

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 1


The general reaction when I offer my artwork for review by my Sequential Art peers is, “It’s so girly!” Of course, that’s not a bad thing, really. As an artist, and as a reader, my aesthetic gravitates toward delicate, feminine work. As a writer, I am most captivated by the stories of young women dealing with inner turmoil and insecurities and working through them.

Like many Lolita, I discovered the fashion through manga. I have always loved fairytales and the delicate aesthetic associated with them. I grew up with CLAMP’s legendary CARDCAPTOR SAKURA and Naoko Taekuchi’s groundbreaking SAILOR MOON series. The joke among my peers is that I’m so Shoujo (girly comics) that I bleed lace and ooze sparkles. Nowadays I read short manga stories such as Yumiko Kawahara’s DOLLS series, and pretty much anything Ai Yazawa scribbles down. The amazingly talented Svetlana Chmakova of DRAMACON and Aimee Major, animator and author of JAPAN AI are my Western role models.

As a Sweet Lolita, I am perpetually covered in pink and bows, or candy and cakes. To me, Lolita, and the art style and aesthetic that surround it, take all of the whimsy and fantasy and sweet things that I love in the world and roll them up together. Nowadays that kind of frothy feminism is not often welcome. I’ve been told that what I do sets Women’s Rights back a hundred years and that I should have more pride in myself. In all honesty, I think it takes a lot of gall to go out in public dressed like Alice in Wonderland. If anything, I appreciate this type of beauty because it encaptures what women can do that men rarely can, if ever. So, I put on my bows with pride and they emerge in all of my drawings!