Megan Levens

Featured In:
Spicy vol.1


Who says romance is just for girls? My primary focus as an artist has always been real people…whether it be portraiture and life drawing, or writing comics about everyday drama and relationships. It always struck me as odd that the types of stories I liked to write and draw, stories featuring strong female characters and their loves and friendships, were almost nonexistent in mainstream American comics. Even odder, because I draw in a very conventionally Western style—not manga or a more graphic cartoon style—I was told that my romance comics would be a harder sell. Says who?

I think that any story, even a romance, can be universally appealing so long as the characters are real and relatable, the stories intelligent and meaningful, and the art stylish and engaging. Just as there are plenty of girls (myself included) who’d rather watch a marathon of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA than another cheesy chick flick about dueling bridezillas, there are also just as many boys who’d rather read a well written romance comic starring a cast of sexy real women (and men!) than another steroid-pumped superhero book. For the record, I grew up on John Cusack and Batman, so I have nothing against chick flicks or superheroes in general. My goal has always been to write and draw these kinds of stories and to prove that there is far more to mainstream, traditionally illustrated, American comic books than just tights, capes, and action. I think that both female AND male readers would eat them up. Also, pin up girls are hot! Cory Megan Levens

Illustrator/storyboard artist

Interactive Arts Services

Burbank, CA