Melanie Pritchard

Featured In:
Sweet vol. 1

Melanie Pritchard hails from Richmond, Virginia and earned her BA in Visual Communication from Eastern Mennonite University. While there, she started drawing comic strips for the university paper and quickly fell in love with the world of sequential art. In 2008, she came to the Savannah College of Art and Design to continue chasing that interest.

While at SCAD, Mel stumbled onto journal comics, and was immediately hooked. She remains fascinated by the idea of being open and vulnerable with unseen strangers, as well as being known only as a handful of ink lines. Her own journal comic, OBJECTS IN MIRROR, holds up a funhouse mirror to her day-to-day experiences with relationships, school, and entering the world of adulthood. Each strip is an exaggerated reflection of a real life in progress and, much like the name suggests, sometimes the blatant truth in the mirror of the panels is closer than it appears.