Nicky Kyle

Featured In:
Spicy vol. 1, Spicy vol.2


Nicky Kyle is the creator of the weekly updated webcomic, Dark Welkin.  She was born in Pennsylvania, and recently split her time between her home there and in Savannah, where she attended the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), majoring in Sequential Art — aka comic books. At home, she lives with a younger (genius) brother who makes for a great source for weird science information, an awesome mom who knows more comic book and sci-fi minutia than she ever expected to when she first encouraged her daughter’s weirdness, and two very nutty cats. At SCAD, she lived with her Squadron Mates: fellow geeks, artists, and the co-writer of her previous webcomic, Mundane Nirvana. In her spare time, she…actually has no spare time, really! She does do a lot of reading, writing, and of course, drawing. In PA, she can also be found working part time at her local comic book store, Comix Connection.