Nicole J Miller

Featured In:
Spicy vol.1


Nicole J. Miller is from Christiansburg, Virginia, where her earliest forms of storytelling began. Whether it was dressing up in whatever could be found around the house and playing pretend with her sister, or writing stories and drawing pictures to go with them, Nicole has always danced the line between real and imaginary. Growing up, storytellers like Walt Disney and Stan Lee inspired her, and characters they created, like Spider-Man, served as role models for her. It was in high school that she decided to focus her imagination into a storytelling career. Her pursuit to sharpen her craft took her to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she earned a BFA in Sequential Art with a minor in Creative Writing.

It was there that stories like Teaching Aethar and Space Calamity were born, joining the ranks of other stories originating from her dreams, like The Tale of the Blue Phantom. While in school, she also began writing about the adventures of Agatha and Maggie and is currently collaborating on that project with her future husband, Steven Yarbrough (earlier versions can be found on Nicole’s Deviant Art page.

All of these stories stem from the admiration she had for Walt Disney’s spin on various folk tales and fairy tales, as well as Stan Lee’s fantastic variety of characters with real world flaws and conflicts. While Spider-Man had always been Nicole’s biggest hero when growing up, she always wished she had more women she could view as role models. True, there was Wonder Woman, but the one-piece bathing suit, hooker height boots, and power to tie her foes up to “tell the truth” was less-than-appealing to a 10-year-old tomboy (she may have been naive, but not THAT naive). Carmen San Diego, while obviously a clever and independent woman, was a VILLAIN! Storm, from the X-MEN, but she was part of a team and never did much on her own. Then came TOMB RAIDER’S Lara Croft. Now, there was a gal more to Nicole’s taste–well, extra baggage and ridiculously tight clothes aside. Apologies, gentlemen, but physicists would have a field day testing Lara’s ability to move with those proportions. Still, there was potential there, and this spurred Nicole’s imagination onward.

While it all began with the need for more realistic ladies to call heroes, it grew into a desire to tell stories that hold the magic that her earliest inspirations held. Be it through writing stories, adding illustrations to them, drawing comics, or even animating them, Nicole loves telling stories and through whatever medium seems to work best. Someday, Nicole hopes that her name will be listed among someone’s favorite storytellers, as Walt Disney and Stan Lee are for her.