Sloane Leong

Featured In:
Spicy vol.1


Sloane Leong is a mystery, somehow getting into this anthology while being of the male gender (and not even an attendee of SCAD). He lives in his luxurious tropical manor located on Leong Isle, just off of the Canary Islands. He crafts his own pens from the palm trees and plays self made singing saws on the beach. He descends from Kristolph Leong, the inventor of the steam powered vacuum. Said to be a prodigy by some, he has become a recluse, only now returning for this anthology.

Or maybe…

Sloane Leong is an illustrator, painter, and comic artist based out of Oregon. She graduated when she was 16 and, after realizing college was useless, commenced traveling to learn from various art gurus around the world. She likes snowboarding, surfing, hiking into the wild, taming animals and starting fires. She is self published and has been in numerous magazines, anthologies, and art shows.