Yvette Strickland Johnston

Featured In:
Spicy vol. 1,

Website: web.mac.com/yvette


Yvette Strickland Johnston has a compulsive disorder that involves all manner of ink, pencil and paint. Growing up an Army brat, Yvette lived in Germany, Italy, Egypt and all over the States moving 11 times. At the wee age of 8 her Grandmother handed her a comic book and her obsession began. Japanese Shojo books of the early 80′s were the gateway drug, this led to Superhero titles and beyond. She spent her teenage years trying to convert girls to the way of the comic book with only her sisters as successful converts. This unhealthy addiction led to working in comic shops in high school and college, easily spending half her paychecks on the medium she adored.

Yvette graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA degree in Illustration in 1995. Today she is a freelance Illustrator and Designer in Clearwater, Florida. Currently she is at the drawing board (her second home, really) hard at work on an anthology for 803 Studios: “Sequential Suicide: Noir.” She is also working on a Sci-Fi comic book and trying to polish off the 4th draft of her screenplay: “Fade.”

Yvette still spends her time hiding the full extent of her comic book compulsion from her husband and children.